Looking for ways to eat healthier in a convenient and portable way? The following are some of the best snacks for your heart.

While snacking tends to be associated with unhealthy treats like cookies and chips, it can actually be part of a healthy diet. When choosing your snack options, Kim Murachver, M.S., R.D., L.D.N., C.D.E., and owner of Greene Nutrition recommends foods with at least 3g of fiber and under 200 mg of sodium. To help you out, here are some of the best snacks for your heart.

1. Roasted Chickpeas

Beans like chickpeas are rich in fiber and plant sterols that help reduce cholesterol and boost your overall heart health. Moreover, they can be made savory or sweet, so they’re perfect for satisfying a crunch craving.

2. Whole-grain Crackers

By eating whole grains, you increase your fiber intake and help to reduce your cholesterol levels. You can also pair them with hummus to get additional fiber, plant-based protein, and healthy fats.

3. Apple and Nuts

Best Snacks for Your HeartAccording to one analysis of 25 studies, eating nuts on a regular basis may reduce your heart disease risk by up to 30%. If you combine apples and nuts (or nut butter) into one snack, you can create a truly heart-healthy snack.

4. Green Smoothie

Smoothies are a great way to pack a lot of nutrients into one heart-healthy snack. For example, you can combine bananas, avocados, chia seeds, and spinach to create a sweet and beneficial beverage.

5. Energy Balls

You can make heart-healthy energy balls in the comfort of your home by combining various healthy ingredients. For instance, you can choose oats and nuts, seeds, or nut butter to help reduce your cholesterol.

6. Greek Yogurt with Berries

According to recent studies, eating yogurt may reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. However, to limit saturated fat, it’s best that you stick to plain or Greek yogurt and pair it with fruits like berries.

7. Roasted Carrots with Dip

By roasting carrots with olive oil, you can bring out more flavor while also adding heart-healthy monounsaturated fats. You can also pair them with an avocado or tahini-based dip for more flavor and heart-healthy fats.

The Outlook

L-arginine PlusSnacking throughout the day can help you maintain your heart health if you choose wisely. By picking snacks like these, you can avoid the negative effects that come with foods like doughnuts and salty chips.

In addition to healthy snacking, you can give your heart an extra boost by taking supplements like L-arginine Plus. It contains ingredients that effectively promote your circulation, blood pressure, and overall heart health.

If you’re ready to give your heart the support it deserves, then eat healthy snacks and take L-arginine Plus.