Exercise and artery health help keep heart disease at bay, but some middle-aged men choose testosterone therapy instead. Which is better, exercise or testosterone therapy?

It’s clear that exercise can do a lot to improve cardiovascular health. However, middle-aged and older men are seeking hormone therapy to increase their dwindling testosterone levels, which is said to help improve artery health.

Exercise or Testosterone Therapy?

A study published in Hypertension this February found that exercise helps increase testosterone levels, and improves artery health better than supplements. The study measured artery health in men ages 50 to 70.

In the group who took supplements, 62% of them had increased testosterone levels. However, when they measured artery function, they found that those who took supplements alone did not improve their artery health.

About 19% of men who took supplements AND exercised saw an improvement in artery health.

The group of men who exercised but took no supplements saw a 28% improvement in artery health. The study concluded that exercise, not testosterone therapy, helps improve artery health.

Dr. Bu Beng Yeap, a coauthor of the study and an endocrinologist at Fiona Stanley Hospital in Perth, Australia, said, “Some men might have disorders of the pituitary gland or testes… unable to produce testosterone, and in these men testosterone treatment under medical supervision is generally beneficial.”

Benefits of Exercise

Staying physically active lowers the risk for heart disease, and keeps your arteries healthier for longer. Not only that, exercise has many other health benefits.

It lowers blood pressure

Exercise works by slowing down the heart rate and lowering blood pressure. If you have high blood pressure, your risk of heart disease is greater.

exercise and artery healthIt helps manage weight

Being physically active helps maintain a healthy weight, and shed pounds for those who are overweight. Obesity can put stress on the heart, which can lead to heart disease and stroke.

It keeps diabetes at bay

Aerobic exercise, when combined with weight training, can reduce the risk of developing diabetes by more than 50%. It allows the muscles to better process glycogen, which can lead to excessive blood sugars when impaired.

It makes you stronger

Weight training strengthens the muscles. When combined with aerobic exercise, you’ll see an improvement in oxygen levels and circulation. 

It lowers stress levels

Stress hormones can lead to heart disease by increasing blood pressure. Choosing an exercise you enjoy doing can help you relax and, in turn, manage stress.

It reduces inflammation

Regular exercise tackles chronic inflammation by reducing it, helping the body adapt to exercise. Inflammation can exacerbate health conditions, especially with arteries and blood vessels.

The Outlook

The study concluded that exercise helped improve artery health regardless of testosterone supplement usage. Dr. Yeap also recommended that those who have hormone issues might benefit from hormone therapy.

Supplements can help enhance the body’s functions. Though exercise helps control blood pressure by stimulating nitric oxide, these levels decrease with age.

Nitric oxide supplements can help boost dwindling levels. By combining l-arginine, l-citrulline, and other vitamins and minerals, L-arginine Plus increases nitric oxide.

This opens up blood vessels, increasing healthy blood flow, and improving stamina levels during exercise. Consider adding L-arginine Plus to your routine and improve your heart health today.