L-arginine products are gaining more popularity because of its benefits to the heart and muscles. Supplements come in all varieties: chewable’s, powders, and tablets or pills.

Is there a difference between each of these forms? While we don’t have time to compare each product, we can tell you the difference between L-Arginine Plus compared to l-arginine pills.

L-Arginine Plus Compared to L-Arginine Pills Today

L-arginine has been shown to effectively reduce blood pressure through its production of nitric oxide in the blood. Nitric oxide dilates blood vessels and arteries to allow more blood to flow through. It also helps remove plaque buildup causing high blood pressure.

L-Arginine Plus is a powder supplement that has a great taste and will give you the boost you need. It dissolves quickly in water or goes great with a protein shake or smoothie to start your day off strong.

Because it is a powder, more ingredients are able to be added to the product. Vitamins, trace minerals, and AstraGin give the supplement an added kick to give your body other vital nutrients it may be lacking.

This chart will lay out more simply what difference there are between each:

L-Arginine Plus Compared to L-Arginine Pills

How It Works

One ingredient especially sets apart L-Arginine Plus compared to l-arginine pills–AstraGin. AstraGin is a natural compound that has been proven to absorb more amino acids than what your body can do on its own.

That means that amino acids like l-arginine and l-citrulline are absorbed more efficiently, with less waste, and are used more quickly by the body. Now there’s less worry about if these nutrients will go to waste or not.

Another aspect that is convenient about L-Arginine Plus compared to l-arginine pills is that you only need to take it once a day. Because there are over 5,000mg of l-arginine and 2,000 mg of l-citrulline in just one serving, there’s no need to set another reminder to take it later.

Pills generally contain up to 1,500 mg of l-arginine and are recommended to take a pill 2-3 times a day. While pills may be more convenient, only needing to take the supplement once in the morning is a nice “one and done” routine.

The best difference between L-Arginine Plus compared to l-arginine pills isn’t an ingredient, it’s a guarantee. L-Arginine Plus provides its customers with a 100% money back lifetime guarantee. Meaning, if you don’t like the product after two weeks of testing it out, you get your money back.

Not many companies offer such a wonderful guarantee. L-Arginine Plus knows its product is top notch and expects it to be so in every single bottle.

We encourage you to try L-Arginine Plus product so you can taste and feel the difference for yourself! Or you get your money back!