Over the last few years, more vitamin companies are making their product into chews or “gummies” to make it more enticing for adults. Is there a big difference between multivitamin chews vs. pills?

Multivitamin Chews vs. Pills

Multivitamins are a great way to make sure you are getting your daily value of all crucial vitamins. Many people don’t get enough vitamins from their food, so multivitamins pick up an slack from us.

Adults, just like kids, don’t always like taking pills or just aren’t very good at it. This deters them from taking any vitamins and suffering the (possibly unknown) consequences.

New gummy vitamins have been a big hit among adults since they taste good and are easy to take. They may be more expensive than regular vitamins, but for some, it’s worth paying a few more dollars to buy something that they’ll take.

Is there a difference in quality with multivitamin chews vs. pills? We know they generally taste better, but some are wary that they may not be as effective.

A Conclusion

Good news for vitamin gummy fans–they are just as effective as pill vitamins. The only difference is that they may be less effective if taken on an empty stomach. However, that is somewhat similar to pills as well.

Gummy vitamins can contain the same amount of vitamins and minerals, if not more. So don’t worry that taking a gummy vitamin means you’re being cheated in any way.

The only catch is gummy vitamins may have added sugar or sweeteners, which may not be desired. They also might be tempting to eat more than the recommended amount.

Just like regular vitamins, only the directed dose should be taken. Taking too much vitamin A, E, D, and K is not healthy because excess cannot be excreted through urine and can be harmful in large doses.

Additionally, be sure to keep gummy vitamins out of the reach of children because they may view them as candy. Teach them the importance of taking vitamins as directed.

Overall, there is no defining difference in the effectiveness of gummy or pill vitamins. No matter what option you go for, be sure to look for these quantities of vitamins:

Multivitamin Chews vs. Pills