If you’ve been to the doctor for just about anything, you’ve had your blood pressure checked.

If your doctor says it’s a little high, you might be wondering why that matters. Even when you feel healthy, your blood pressure may not be where at a healthy level.

Healthy living is at the forefront of American concerns. Eating well, exercising, and not smoking are frequently talked about. But it is often talked about in the sense of good looks, rather than health.

While you may look better with healthy habits, what’s more important is how you feel, a healthy lifestyle, and a clean bill of health. That’s why lowering your blood pressure matters. Having a healthy heart is having a healthy body.

Why Americans Need to Be Careful with Convenience

why lowering your blood pressure matters

Americans love the convenience of things like fast food, fast internet, and fast results. Patience isn’t quite our best virtue.

The fast food restaurant business is a $110 billion market with almost half of Americans eating fast food at least once a week.

Unfortunately, despite convenience and possible tastiness (we see you Wendy’s Frosties), these restaurants are hurting our nation’s health and raising people’s blood pressure.

Recent studies have shown that one third of Americans have high blood pressure. Additionally, heart disease is the number one reason for death in both men and women, with 1 in 4 dying from it.

Obviously, the mix of eating out often and making poor choices with serious lack of exercise, is what makes for the dangerous health result.

Due to our desire for instant results and gratification, working to lose weight and lower blood pressure doesn’t always last long since it takes longer than a month to make real changes.

Americans need to kick the habit of eating based on speed and convenience and take the time to cook meals, exercise, and prevent health risks like high blood pressure.

Why Lowering Your Blood Pressure Matters

why lowering your blood pressure matters

Lowering your blood pressure matters for more reasons than may come to mind like, “my health (generic)” or “so my doctor will get off my back”.

We need to dig deeper than that and truly see the harmful effects of high blood pressure.

Lowering blood pressure decreases your risk of heart disease significantly. Some studies found that those with high blood pressure not under control can be twice as likely to develop heart disease or strokes.

Heart disease, strokes, and heart attacks can be life ending or extremely life altering. If it doesn’t kill you, it can impair your speech, vision, brain function, or ability to go about everyday life.

While most people realize the significance of these health problems, there are too many who do not see the importance of preventing them; they think “That won’t happen to me.”

Talking to your doctor about the best way to lower your blood pressure is the best way to assess your goals and what actions need to be taken.

Putting yourself in serious danger of greater health risks not only affects you, but those around you. Your family and friends are affected by your health and would be incredibly sad if heart disease or stroke occurred.

Having high blood pressure can also restrict activities or make you feel sluggish and tired. Your energy levels may drop, impacting your activity levels with family and friends.

Foods that Naturally Lower Your Blood Pressure

Thinking of yourself and of others will help you put your health in perspective. Little changes through diet and exercise can be very beneficial to you. Taking supplements that include l-arginine in them can help you lower and stabilize healthy blood pressure.

When dealing with high blood pressure, thinking why lowering your blood pressure matters is vital to getting healthier. Give yourself your own reasons to lower your blood pressure, such as your family, your friends, your energy, your stress levels, etc. There is always something worth being healthy for!