The anti-aging product market is valued at more than $121 billion and is only growing more each year. The anti-aging benefits of l-arginine are sweeping the nation. People want to get their hands on any product that will help them look and feel younger.

It may not come as a face cream, but there are several anti-aging benefits of l-arginine that go beyond your exterior.

Aging isn’t only about looks. Aging takes on many forms within the body including muscular health to cardiovascular health to mental health.

Anti-Aging for Mental Health

With age, our brains tend to become more foggy and memory loss increases. With age, water can collect in the brain or even plaque in the blood vessels and decrease essential blood flow to the brain.

However, studies have shown that l-arginine can increase mental health by supporting better blood flow from the heart to the brain.

L-arginine is found naturally in the body and turns into nitric oxide. Nitric oxide relaxes blood vessels and arteries and helps blood flow easier through the veins.

More blood flow and oxygen to the brain allows for more alertness, less forgetfulness, and less mental exhaustion. Which ultimately means that mental health improves and sluggishness decreases.

Anti-Aging for Sexual Function

As men and women age, sexual drive and function (mostly in men) decrease naturally. L-arginine has been proven in various studies to help alleviate erectile dysfunction in men and increase libido.

Cologne University studied twenty-six patients with an average age of 51 years dealing with potency difficulties were prescribed 1500mg of l-arginine capsules each day. After seven weeks, 73% of the patients noticed a significant improvement in their erectile function.

Since l-arginine creates nitric oxide, allowing for more blood flow, difficulties with erectile dysfunction are lessened.

Additionally, men who have trouble with impotency can achieve solutions with l-arginine. A separate study gave 500 mg of l-arginine to infertile men for 6-8 weeks. After the test period, the men had higher sperm counts and more successful pregnancies.

If you feel that age is slowing you down in this category, you may want to add l-arginine supplements to your diet and up your libido and endurance.


Anti-Aging for Cardiovascular Health

anti-aging benefits of l-arginine

Unfortunately, age also brings about unwanted higher blood pressure and high risk of heart problems.

Since most high blood pressure comes from plaque buildup in the blood vessels (possibly from poor dieting or lack of exercise), l-arginine creates the solution to open up those tightened or blocked blood vessels.

When your heart can’t receive enough blood and oxygen, it cannot function properly and the rest of your body will suffer. Heart failure can also occur and lead to stroke or heart disease.

However, l-arginine, once again can alleviate these problems. One of the most common reasons people use l-arginine is to lower blood pressure.

Anti-Aging Muscularly

Muscle weakness and deterioration is common with age. This can happen from other health issues that can prevent certain exercises like arthritis and osteoporosis.

What once was easy at the gym becomes more difficult and taxing on your body. It’s still possible to exercise, but it takes a little more effort.

L-arginine helps with muscle growth as well as energy and endurance. Athletes are using more pre-workout and post-workout supplements that include l-arginine than ever before.

With enhanced blood flow and oxygen to the muscles, you tire less easily and your muscles recover more quickly from each work out. Both of these factors make it easier to gain muscle and improve workouts.

That means after each workout, no matter how rigorous or calm it was, muscle growth is aided. Growing or maintaining muscle as you age doesn’t have to be as hard as it sounds.

L-arginine truly is a wonderful supplement to give your body to help with any aging concerns you may have.

Make sure to consult with your doctor before taking l-arginine to ensure that it is the best option for you.