Celebrate the holidays and stay on top of your health at the same time. Practice these habits to lower your cholesterol this time of year.

Many people let their exercise and diet habits fall by the wayside during the holiday season. However, maintaining your health during this time of year is important, and you can do it by following some simple tips.

By making sure your “bad” LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels are down and your “good” HDL cholesterol levels are up, you’ll be able to enjoy your time with loved ones even more. The following are simple ways in which you can help maintain a healthy cholesterol range during this time of year.

Tip #1: Eat Cranberries

If you like eating cranberries during the holiday season, you’ll be happy to know that they can also improve your cholesterol. According to research from the University of Scranton, cranberries contain compounds that help increase your HDL cholesterol by 10 percent.

Even though this doesn’t sound like much, it’s enough to help lower your risk of heart disease by up to 40 percent. Furthermore, another study from the UK suggests that you can experience cardiovascular benefits within just two hours of eating them.

Tip #2: Take an After-Dinner Stroll

Habits to Lower Your Cholesterol This Time of YearIf you feel like taking a nap after you finish dinner, then fight against those urges and instead go for an after-dinner stroll. Not only will you enjoy some sights and the crisp winter air, but you can also help lower your LDL cholesterol that way.

Research shows that regular exercise can help lower your LDL cholesterol by 17 percent. By moving about, you can help get rid of bad cholesterol and prevent it from building up in your arteries, which would otherwise increase your risk for heart disease.

Tip #3: Say “Thank You”

Expressing gratitude is not only just a heartwarming holiday tradition, but it’s also good for your mind and body. According to some studies, sharing what you’re thankful for may help lower triglycerides, which are blood fats that play a role in developing heart disease.

Everyone experiences stress, but by taking a moment to be grateful, you can help calm the anxiety that causes your liver to increase the production of triglycerides. Furthermore, research from Harvard suggests that having a happier outlook can help decrease the risk of a heart attack by as much as 35 percent.

Tip #4: Take Supplements

L-arginine PlusAs you celebrate the holidays, you may need an extra boost to your heart health. Fortunately, you can take supplements to help out during this time of year. But how can supplements help? Let’s take L-arginine Plus as an example.

It contains l-arginine, l-citrulline, and various vitamins and minerals that work together to support your circulation, blood pressure, cholesterol, energy levels, and more. So, if you want to promote your health this holiday season, then follow these tips and take L-arginine Plus so you can have one less thing to worry about.