In light of Men’s Health Month this month, we are wanting to keep men informed about their health. Men’s 40s and 50s can be an odd middle ground for men because they’re not quite old but also not as young as they once were. Caring for middle-aged men’s health can be different than in your younger years and prevents health problems down the line.

Middle-Aged Men’s Health

Men in their 20s and 30s do not tend to worry so much about blood pressure, cholesterol, sexual dysfunctions, etc. They don’t get regular check-ups unless they have a previous health condition, so often times health problems are caught late.

However, once men hit their 40s and 50s, they begin to realize that their metabolism is slowing down, they may be getting a small belly, and they don’t have the same energy. This is all natural with age, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t unseen health issues.

Dr. Vincent Cantone from the Meritus Pediatric and Adult Medicine-North Hagerstown says that men need to have an annual wellness exam. He learns a lot about his patients simply by talking with them and observing them.

Dr. Cantone uses his wellness exams to follow up on exercise, diet, tobacco or alcohol consumption, and testosterone levels. Men in older ages will be more affected by poor diets and drinking or smoking too much.

Doing yearly screenings can make sure your body isn’t changing too much in unhealthy ways. Middle-aged men’s health can change rapidly if they make changes to diet or exercise patterns.

What to Look For

Other items that need to be looked at at least once a year is your blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, prostate, vaccines, and colorectal cancer.

Some of these may not be pressing until age 50 and older but getting screened earlier can help to prevent any oncoming illness. After 50, consult with your doctor about the frequency that you should be visiting.

Additionally, if you don’t know much about your family’s medical history, do some research to take further precautions. Having uncles or grandparents that had certain illnesses could mean you’re at risk. Knowing about them can help you take better preventative measures.

Vaccines are important to get yearly as well. As you age, your immune system weakens naturally, so get your flu shot each year and after 60 years old, get a shingles vaccine.

To help boost energy, your immune system, and lower your blood pressure naturally, start taking L-Arginine Plus. It will increase your nitric oxide levels and your blood flow.

It also contains 72 trace minerals that your body desperately needs, but many people don’t get through their diet.

Middle-aged men’s health is different than being in your 20s or 30s. Keeping up energy and your health is key to enjoying growing old. Visit your doctor and keep up with a healthy diet and 30 minutes of daily exercise.