According to a new study, this exercise is the most effective for your heart. Learn about the connection between Nordic walking and your heart.

It seems like every season there is a new exercise trend to try out at home or with friends. Whether it’s spinning, Pilates, or HIIT (high-intensity interval training), each one somehow topples the other ones as the most effective.

While the trending workouts may be a result of nonscientific factors, there is actually a “new” exercise that has some scientific backing: Nordic walking. Keep reading to find out how Nordic walking may be one of the best exercises for your heart health.

Nordic Walking Explained

Nordic Walking and Your HeartBasically, Nordic walking is a low-impact cardiovascular exercise that uses poles to help you as you walk on hills and uneven terrain. The health benefits that you experience from it will depend on the intensity of your exercises.

Because of the varying levels of intensity available, Nordic walking can be a low-impact exercise. However, according to a recent study appearing in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology, this exercise is even more effective at boosting cardiovascular health than HIIT (the previous “champion”).

The Study

Researchers evaluated 130 people over the course of 26 weeks, comparing the impacts of different exercises, including Nordic walking. They measured the participants’ functional capacity at the start and six and 12 weeks afterward. Functional capacity is the ability to complete general life activities.

At the end of the study, they found that Nordic walking had the best outcome in regards to the quality of life and distance covered in a walking test. In fact, those who engaged in Nordic walking saw a 19% improvement in functional capacity, while HIIT only garnered a 13% improvement.

Additional Considerations

While Nordic walking may be a great form of cardiovascular exercise and provide many benefits, there are some things to consider. For example, since it is a walking exercise, this may have affected the results of the walking test in its favor.

To illustrate, the poles used as part of Nordic walking are meant to help improve the speed of their users. Therefore, participants who became accustomed to this exercise may have naturally developed an advantage specifically in that area.

The Outlook

L-arginine PlusIf you want to improve your health and don’t have a pair of poles lying around, don’t worry – you can still walk without them. As with all exercises, the benefits you receive will depend on the intensity of your exercises and duration.

In fact, what’s more important for your health is not choosing the best exercise but just doing something at all. No matter what exercise you choose, you should also follow a healthy lifestyle by eating healthily and taking supplements like L-arginine Plus.

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