Summer is here, along with the sunscreen, hats, and protective clothing. Most likely, you’re outside enjoying the longer days and vacation time. While sunscreen is important, one study found that sunlight can lower blood pressure when soaked up for 10-15 minutes.

Sunlight Can Lower Blood Pressure

The study in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology reported that sunlight can lower blood pressure. The researchers, based in the United Kingdom, took 24 volunteers to sit underneath tanning lights.

One of the groups had a lamp that emmitted UV rays, while the other group only received heat–no UV rays. All participants sat under their lamps for 20 minutes.

The researchers discovered that the group that had UV lamps experienced lowered blood pressure for 50 minutes, while the group that did not have UV lamps saw no change. UV rays activate nitric oxide, helping to naturally reduce blood pressure.

However, too much time in the sun unprotected by sunscreen can lead to aging skin and skin cancer. Find a balance of both so that you can receive benefits of the sun without harming your health.

Another study by Richard Weller, also from the UK, showed that people in Northern England and Scotland had higher rates of heart disease than those in the Southern parts.

Through doing similar studies with UV lamps, he found that UV rays released nitric oxide in the skin. The higher the nitric oxide people produced, the fewer number of people had heart disease.

Weller found that wearing clothing in direct sunlight impeded the production of nitric oxide and the patients’ blood vessels did not dilate. Once again, wear sunscreen after about 15 minutes of being exposed to sunlight.

Taking L-Arginine Plus is another way to naturally lower your blood pressure through nitric oxide–no sun required!

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