Energy drinks that last for several hours and coffee beverages are more popular than ever before.

With demands today, people need that energy boost in the morning and in the afternoon, so they reach for products that tell them they can help with that.

While those products may solve the problem, they may not be the healthiest options out there. Eating the right foods, exercising, and similar options are a better way to naturally increase your energy levels.

Here is a list of healthy alternatives to naturally increase your energy levels:

1. Exercise in the Morning

naturally increase your energy levels

Waking up earlier to squeeze in a workout may sound contradictory to feeling more energized, but working out wakes up your brain and body better than a cup of coffee.

Doing a killer, sweat packed workout may tire you more than energize you. But if you want a morning pick-me-up to get everything going, go for a brisk 15-20 minute power walk to get your heart pumping, but not getting exhausted.

Endorphins also play a role to naturally increase your energy levels by putting you in a better, happier mood and getting a wake up and pep up from them.

2. Eat a Balanced Diet

This may sound pretty obvious, but many people do not fully understand how a properly balanced diet affects their energy levels. Our body needs various nutrients in order to perform at its peak level.

Eating food high in carbs and sugar will drain your body of energy after a quick energy boost. Try to get enough foods with vitamins b, c, and e in order to get sufficient energy for the day.

Other nutrients like magnesium, iron, and potassium are also vital to the balance of your body’s energy levels and keeping your energy up throughout the entire day.

3. Get Enough Sleep

Yes, another obvious one that too many people ignore. Nearly 40% of Americans get less than seven hours of sleep per night. The recommended amount for adults is nine hours.

Lack of sleep impairs your memory and can make you feel sluggish throughout the day. Instead of opting for watching late night tv, try to train your body to go to sleep earlier to get sufficient rest in.

4. Drink Enough Water

naturally increase your energy levels

Dehydration is a common symptom of fatigue and foggy brain. Water makes up about 60% of your body and is necessary for it to filter toxins and for organs and muscles to work properly.

Drinking enough water can naturally increase your energy levels by keeping everything running smoothly. To figure out how much water you should drink a day, use this equation: .5 x your weight = the number of ounces your body needs daily.

Instead of turning to sodas, energy drinks, and coffee, start replacing them with water and see how your body reacts to getting the proper hydration it needs.

5. Take Natural Supplements

Sometimes our bodies need more of certain nutrients to get the energy we need. Supplements like vitamins or powder mix-ins are an easy way to get a specific nutrient your body needs.

Supplements that contain l-arginine will naturally increase your energy levels by creating more nitric oxide in your body. Nitric oxide is a gas that derives from l-arginine that allows blood to flow efficiently and gets oxygen to all your vital organs.

When your body has enough oxygen and blood, it receives all the nutrients it needs and is able to help every system to function well.

6. Take Breaks at Work

Sitting at a desk all day is bad for your posture and your energy levels. By sitting for long periods of time, your blood vessels constrict and cut efficient blood flow to the rest of the body.

Standing up, stretching, and taking a quick walk at least once an hour will give your muscles a little wake up. Your brain will also get a short vacation from looking at a computer screen and will appreciate a refresher.

7. Get Out in the Sun

naturally increasing your energy levels

Sunshine provides plenty of vitamin d and tends to lighten people’s moods. Natural light and fresh air are refreshing ways to naturally increase your energy levels.

Sitting inside all day away from natural light seeing the outdoors can cause lack of concentration and fatigue. Stepping outside can refresh your senses, relax you, and give you that new energy you need to finish out the day.

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