Dr. Vladimir Schwartsman practiced orthopedic surgery for many years leading up to his active retired life as a skier and woodworker in Park City, Utah.

Vladimir grew up in Russia and in his younger years competed internationally in gymnastics until the age of 26. Though he stopped competing a long time ago, his love for physical exercise never quit. At 78 years old, he skis as much as the snowfall will allow and cycles in the summers. Year round, he is on the move and stays active. L-Arginine Plus helps him achieve and maintain an incredibly active lifestyle with a significant amount of exercise while helping to lower his blood pressure as well.

We were able to discuss his health and what he does to maintain it:

Q. What kind of physical activities did you do in your youth?

Since early childhood, I was a gymnast. I became Master of Sport to the USSR and was competing internationally in my youth.

Q. How many years did you compete in gymnastics?

I did it until I was about 26. But I always, always liked physical activity. To be in a good physical shape was an important priority at any time in my life. I did different types of sports. Right now I am biking in the summertime and I’m an avid skier all winter. Almost every day! This year I already skied 45 days, and last year I skied 127 days…today I skied 26,000 vertical feet, as I usually do. I love to be active because I feel better, I see better, and I’m a better human being when I am physically and mentally fit. Those things go together, hand in hand.

Q. How long have you been taking l-arginine plus grape?

I have been taking it for some time now. It didn’t start working right away. It took about 1 week to 10 days to feel the effects of it. I sleep better, I have much fewer headaches like I used to have sometimes in the past. I don’t have that anymore. My energy level is up, definitely. That’s really important for me. I feel like I’m more energetic and more alert. I recover from day to day physical activities much faster and better.

Q. Would you recommend l-arginine plus grape?

Yes, definitely yes. I shared this information with my friends. As a matter of fact, several people have asked me about that when I mentioned it, and I was happy to say, “That’s how I feel.”

Q. Have you noticed a difference in your blood pressure?

Yes, I do have a problem with blood pressure. Now my blood pressure on average is 10 units lower than what it used to be. As I said, I used to have, on occasion, headaches and felt sluggish, attributing this to having elevated high blood pressure. Now I don’t have it. It’s much better.

Q. What type of doctor were you?

I used to be a prominent and published orthopedic surgeon and medical doctor. I worked for 10 years in Michigan and a few years each in the USSR, England, and Nevada. Also, I published studies and worked with universities to provide new research.

Q. Would you recommend doctors encourages their patients to take L-arginine Plus?

It is definitely desired for the post-op patients to feel more energetic since that is a very important element of recovery. After the surgery, especially a big one, patients are physically wasted…sluggish and tired, but the difficult road to recovery is just beginning.

Those patients, when they start physical therapy and rehabilitation, need every possible means to help rehabilitate in the shortest period of time. At that time and after, the addition of L-Arginine Plus to a healthful, well-balanced diet definitely can be very useful and should be considered.