Heart disease in the U.S. kills about one out of every four people. Unfortunately, there are plenty of untrue myths about your heart health that could be doing more damage.Let’s look at some health myths exposed.

Untrue Health Myths About Your Heart Health Exposed

1.Heart Disease Has Symptoms

Heart disease, unlike other diseases or illnesses, does not show any symptoms. Because of this, heart disease is called a silent killer.

Heart disease will manifest itself suddenly in a dangerous way, such as with a heart attack or heart failure.

2. Young People Can’t Get Heart Disease

This myth may be one of the most dangerous untrue myths about your heart health. While it is less likely for adults under 50 to experience serious heart problems, it’s not unheard of. This is especially true if parents or grandparents have had heart attacks or heart failure.

Young people who eat a poor diet, get very little exercise, and/or are obese, the risk of heart disease or heart failure increases. If this is the case or you have a family history of heart problems, be sure to visit your doctor for regular checkups.

3. Red Wine is Heart Healthy in Any Amount

Have you ever heard someone say, “Don’t worry, I can drink another glass because it’s good for my heart!” Several studies have come out saying that red wine is good for your heart, which is true but may be taken a bit too far.

The studies have shown that a glass of wine a couple times a week may help your heart health, but excessive drinking can actually be detrimental to it. Too much alcohol can increase your blood pressure, leading to heart disease, stroke, or heart failure.

4. Regular Exercise Guarantees Perfect Heart Health

This is one of the more common untrue myths about your heart health. Yes, exercising regularly is a habit to strive for and keep! Exercise keeps you fit, less stressed, lowers your cholesterol, and more.

However, even avid exercisers can still be at risk for heart attacks, strokes, and heart disease. If heart disease runs in the family, the risk of it occurring will always be there.

5. My Cholesterol and Blood Pressure Levels are Healthy; Nothing to Worry About

Similar to regular exercise, knowing that your cholesterol and blood pressure levels are low can be a good indicator for overall heart health, but does not make you immune from heart health issues.

Some studies have shown that if your cholesterol levels are too low, it can actually be harmful to your heart health. Doctors see many patients admitted who have low cholesterol levels suffering from a heart attack.

Strive to keep healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels, but make sure to see a doctor regularly.

6. Statins Are the Only Way to Lower Cholesterol

Statins can be extremely effective to help lower cholesterol levels, but it isn’t the only way. There are plenty of foods that help to naturally lower your bad cholesterols and increase your good ones.

Exercise also helps to increase good cholesterol and removes bad ones that can cause blockage in the blood vessels. Try to get at least 150 minutes of moderately intense exercise each week to keep your heart healthy.