Approximately 30% of Americans have a diagnosis of high blood pressure, or hypertension.

Unfortunately, only about half of those have their hypertension under control.

That begs the question, “Why is high blood pressure so difficult to manage?”

3 Reasons Why Is High Blood Pressure So Difficult to Manage

High blood pressure is manageable for many people, but not everyone responds to medications and treatments the same.

Even those exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet can struggle with blood pressure problems.

High blood pressure can be difficult to deal with for 3 key reasons:

Reason #1 – Hormones

Hormone imbalances can throw off your blood pressure and make it difficult to manage.

When hormones cause hypertension, it is secondary high blood pressure; the cause of hypertension is not the blockage of arteries but hormone imbalances.

When your blood pressure rises as a result of hormone imbalances, high blood pressure can be trickier to treat.

This is because blood pressure medications may not be enough to balance out the hormones that are raising the blood pressure.

Hormone therapy may be a good option to look into if medications keep failing to help lower your blood pressure.

Reason #2 – Stress

Stress plays a large role in blood pressure levels.

Each day there is at least one thing that will cause each person stress — and that takes a toll on your body.

The “flight or fight” instinct is a natural process your brain and body go through during a stressful situation to keep yourself safe.

Stress hormones are released and temporarily raise blood pressure.

Eventually goes back to normal once the situation is over if managed correctly.

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However, if you constantly face stressful situations and your body remains in that “fight or flight”, tensed-up stage, then your blood pressure will remain high and it will have a hard time dropping back down to healthy levels.

Unfortunately, if these situations arise every day, it will be more difficult to manage your blood pressure because there is always a high level of stress.

Medication may help to lower blood pressure, but it takes a bit more effort when the environment isn’t changing.

Reason #3 – Resistant Hypertension

Why is high blood pressure so difficult to manage?

Some people simply cannot lower their blood pressure enough, regardless of high dose diuretics or taking multiple medications at a time.

This case is called resistant hypertension. It could be caused by obesity, sleep apnea, or even a spike in blood pressure while at the doctor’s office.

More cases of resistant hypertension are being discovered each day and doctors are working to find a better solution for people who deal with it.

Solutions if You’re Struggling to Lower Your Blood Pressure

There are basic solutions every doctor will recommend: eat a healthy, balanced diet, exercise regularly, don’t smoke, and go easy on the alcohol.

If you struggle with any of these, try to ease into a better diet and buildup to a solid workout routine. Don’t stress too much by changing everything overnight. Take time to develop healthy habits and take note of what makes a difference.

Be sure you’re checking your blood pressure regularly to be sure it doesn’t spike and cause more serious health problems.

Additionally, supplements that contain l-arginine, like L-Arginine Plus, help to create nitric oxide in the arteries and allows for more blood to flow. By dilating the arteries, blood pressure may lower via daily supplements.

The next time you ask yourself “why is high blood pressure so difficult to manage?” just remember that you’re not alone and there are options for you. Talk to your doctor about all options and see which solution is right for you.