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Heart Disease Risk Factors

An elderly Indian man with heart problems

There are so many heart disease risk factors it’s hard to keep them all straight. Some are beyond your control, like family history. Others are within your sphere of influence, lifestyle choices you can start making today. No matter what, it’s important to know what the factors are and what to keep a close watch on […]

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How to change your eating habits

Group of happy friends eating and drinking beers at barbecue dinner

Changing our eating habits is hard. Once we’ve become used to our diet routine, we tend to stick with it – even if it’s unhealthy for us. “Over time, habits become automatic, learned behaviors, and these are stronger than new habits you are trying to incorporate into your life,” says John Foreyt, Ph.D., director of […]

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What Does Nitric Oxide Mean to Your Workouts?

Nitric Oxide for Workouts

If you’re working out regularly, whether it primarily a cardio workout, a strength-training workout, or a combination, you’ve probably heard of nitric oxide. Joseph Priestly first identified nitric oxide as a gas in 1772. In the 1980s, scientists started researching nitric oxide, identifying it as one of the most important biological molecules occurring, which consequently […]

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Walking and High Blood Pressure

Walking for Better Blood Pressure

It’s just a walk. Or is it? Every step you take is part of your journey to good heart health. If you pick up the pace to a brisk walk that’s even better. Recommended: Learn More about the Benefits of L-arginine Plus when it Comes to Your Blood Pressure What is the science behind walking […]

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L-arginine Benefits

Discover the Unmatched Benefits of Taking L-arginineWhat is L-arginine Plus and What Can if Do for Your Heart and Health? Read More about the Anti-Aging Benefits Read More about the Workout Benefits 10 Key L-arginine Benefits and Uses for Your Health Healthy Blood Pressure Support Supports Healthy CirculationImproves Oxygen Flow Throughout the BodySpeeds Recovery and […]

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