Knowing how to increase blood flow is important for anyone concerned about high blood pressure, building muscle or sexual health.

With the right dietary and exercise changes you can typically improve your blood flow, and the same changes just about always improve your overall health.

Our circulatory system runs whether we tell it to or not, but it is entirely possible to have good or bad circulation, depending on how you help your body out and the choices you make.

And with bad blood flow comes a number of problems most people would rather avoid.

Below, we’ve listed the best ways for how to increase blood flow for better health all around.

1. Know The Signs of Bad Blood Flow

Knowing the signs of poor circulation will help you find out what it causing it and how to tackle the issue.

Poor circulation can cause fatigue, breathlessness, tingling, or feeling cold in your extremities (fingers and toes).

Poor blood flow can be caused by a number of things: age, lack of exercise, plaque build up in blood vessels, and other conditions.

Find out what is causing your bad circulation, and go from there.

2. Move More

Getting enough movement in your day is hard if your job consists mostly of sitting at a desk.

Try to stand up to make calls, or walk to get lunch instead of driving.

Movement and exercise help increase blood flow by producing metabolic byproducts that help dilate blood vessels.

3. Drink Water

How to Increase Blood FlowCut your caffeine and alcohol consumption and drink water instead! Our bodies need water to function and keep us alive.

When you drink plenty of water, your blood oxygen levels rise and dilate your blood vessels for improved circulation.

4. Take L-Arginine Plus

Supplementing with L-arginine Plus increases your intake of arginine and citrulline, which your body converts into Nitric Oxide.

Nitric Oxide then acts as a vasodilator, relaxing your blood vessels to improve your blood flow.

As the best L-arginine supplement available, the astragin in L-arginine Plus helps your body better absorb its ingredients so you get faster, more effective results.

5. Improve Your Diet

Including super foods such as oranges, cayenne pepper, dark chocolate, ginger, watermelon, salmon, and avocados naturally promote better heart health.

From omega-3 fatty acids to lycopene to vitamin C, these foods promote circulation and improve your blood flow.

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Why Healthy Blood Flow is Important?

Healthy blood flow is essential for a healthy body and plays a vital role in cell-level metabolism, maintaining pH levels, osmotic pressure, regulating your body temperature, nutrient and oxygen distribution and protecting the body from microbial and mechanical harms.

When your blood flow is restricted, you’re more than likely going to notice it in your fingers and toes initially, but it will certainly begin to affect others parts of the body if the problem is not resolved.

What Affects Blood Flow?

Several factors affect your blood flow including aging, your weight, smoking, activity level and your diet.

As your body ages, your arteries lose some of their elasticity and become smaller.

With a poor diet and without enough exercise, plaque can build on the insides of blood vessels.

If you’ve noticed your blood flow isn’t as healthy as you would like, take the steps listed above for how to increase your blood flow.