If you’re working out regularly, you’ve probably heard of a nitric oxide booster.

Joseph Priestly first identified nitric oxide as a gas in 1772.

In the 1980s, scientists started researching nitric oxide, identifying it as one of the most important biological molecules. These researchers won a Nobel Prize in 1998.

Since then, research devoted to understanding nitric oxide signaling and its benefits has exploded. Currently, many health food stores and online sources sell nitric oxide booster supplements to boost workout performance and enhance endurance.

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Nitric Oxide (NO) is a gas the body produces and uses to communicate between cells. It also plays a role in controlling blood circulation and regulating activities in the brain, lungs, liver, kidneys, and stomach.

NO supplements don’t actually include the NO molecule. The most effective nitric oxide supplements include l-arginine — not nitric oxide. “To make nitric oxide, enzymes in the body break down the amino acid, arginine,” explains registered dietitian and American Dietetic Association spokesperson Jim White.

Many NO supplements contain both L-citrulline and l-arginine as they work together to increase the production of nitric oxide in the blood.

From a workout prospective, NO affects the release of hormones and adrenaline. It also speeds growth, speeds recovery time, increases blood flow, delivers nutrients to muscles, and helps them grow.

Below are 5 benefits nitric oxide can add to your workouts:

1. Increased recovery time

If you find that because of your workouts you’re so fatigued that it takes you a few days to recover, NO supplements can offer help.

One of the major factors for a speedy recovery after a hard workout is being sure that plenty of nutrients get to your muscle tissues through optimal blood flow. Nitric oxide supports the amount of blood flow to your tissues by encouraging your smooth muscles to relax, thereby allowing more oxygen to reach your working muscles. When you recover faster between sessions, you can have more frequent workouts which usually creates better results.

2. Reduced fatigue levels

While you’re working out, if fatigue is a limiting factor in your workout, a NO supplement can combat this issue.

For example, when you lift weights, your body rapidly begins to run out of oxygen. When it does, you’ll get lactic acid build-up forming in your muscle tissue generating a high level of fatigue. This fatigue causes a burning sensation which can cause you to stop exercising.

If you’re attempting to do higher reps than your normal routine, this lactic acid build up fatigue can be extremely limiting to your progress. Therefore, if you can get more oxygen to your tissues, then you can dramatically reduce this type of fatigue.

3. Enhanced endurance performance

If you’re an endurance athlete NO can tremendously increase your performance.

Since endurance performance heavily depends on the amount of oxygen getting to your muscle tissues, blood flow delivering oxygen will help you work out longer without getting tired. If you are training for a race at an altitude much higher than you are used to, you should strongly consider supplementing with nitric oxide.

4. Increased energy

An indirect impact of nitric oxide on exercise performance is that increased blood flow enables you to better maintain your core temperature balance. When your body temperature rises during a hard workout session, your body will try its best to cool its tissues so that you don’t overheat. With good blood flow, this process is easier so that you have more energy to finish your workouts with.

5. Body fat reduction

Those who are looking to burn off body fat can benefit from NO supplementation. Nitric oxide supports the increase of nonesterified fatty acid concentration as well as glycerol in the body, thus burning up of fat as fuel.

Nitric oxide is one of the more effective performance natural boosting supplements available on the market. So if you are looking to enhance your workouts, make the investment to take your workouts to a higher level by investing in a nitric oxide booster. 


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