There are thousands of supplements out there on the market, each one telling you to take it for different reasons. Some of them do multiple things, while some focus on one.

L-arginine, an amino acid found naturally in the body that produces nitric oxide, can be taken as a supplement to provide multiple benefits and offers various reasons to take l-arginine.

Nitric oxide helps improve blood flow by dilating the blood vessels in your body. Oxygen reach is increased to your muscles, brain, heart and other parts of your body to help them function at their best level.

Here are 10 Reasons to Take L-arginine:

1. Lower Blood Pressure

This is the most common reason that people take l-arginine supplements. As we start to age, our body slows down and other health problems caused by external factors affect our body more than in our younger years.

Arteries can become blocked from excess sodium, fat, or cholesterol, reducing oxygen and blood to the heart.

Since l-arginine and nitric oxide relax blood vessels and even helps remove plaque buildup, it works perfectly to help lower blood pressure naturally.

Risks like heart disease, heart attack and stroke are less likely when blood pressure is lowered and maintained.

2. Lower Cholesterol

Just like with blood pressure, l-arginine works wonders with high cholesterol levels which is one of the reasons to take l-arginine.

L-arginine has been shown to decrease LDL (bad cholesterol) and increase HDL (good cholesterol) in the blood, meaning less plaque buildup caused from LDL and triglycerides.

High cholesterol levels can be dangerous for your heart and overall health. Naturally lowering cholesterol is another reason to take l-arginine!

3. Increase Energy

A lesser known effect of l-arginine is that it increases your energy levels. With increased blood flow, fresh blood and oxygen rushes to your brain, heart, and muscles.

New and oxygen-rich blood helps give everything almost a constant “reboot” that takes out the “lag” in your body and gives you the new energy you need.

4. Increase Muscle Endurance

Increased muscle endurance is one of the most common reasons to take l-arginine. Many athletes and bodybuilders take supplements that contain l-arginine because of the positive effects it has on their workouts.

Nitric oxide is extremely helpful in aiding muscle endurance as it provides more oxygen and blood to the muscles as they expend oxygen from being used.

Your muscles tire less quickly as they receive more oxygen and allow you to work out longer than usual.

5. Quicker Muscle Recovery

L-arginine doesn’t quit after the workout, either. Another reason athletes use supplements with l-arginine is because of the quicker recovery post-workout.

Muscles need oxygen and blood to function. With nitric oxide relaxing your blood vessels and promoting increased blood flow, muscles receive the needed nutrients to recover and reenergize from a good workout.

That means you can hit the gym the next day without feeling as sore or as fatigued as you would without additional help from l-arginine and nitric oxide.

6. Better Kidney Function

Kidneys are used to filter blood of waste and toxins, which are excreted through urine. L-arginine has proven in various studies to help kidneys function better and more efficiently.

Increased blood flow and the ability to somewhat reduce plaque buildup help the kidneys to remove wastes like calcium and sodium from the body.

The more blood that can run through the kidneys, the more it can filter and keep waste out of the blood and body. Healthy kidneys are a great reason to take l-arginine.

7. Sexual Function

Age changes your body quite a bit, whether it is welcome or not. Men and women over the age of 50 begin to notice changes in their libido and men may experience sexual performance problems.
L-arginine is a popular supplement for people age 50 and older because it alleviates many of those problems.

Increased blood flow lessens problems related to erectile dysfunction and allows for better sexual performance and vigor.

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Not letting age slow you down is another perfect reason to take l-arginine.

8. Immune system

Taking care of your immune system is essential to maintain a healthy body and another reason to take l-arginine.

The immune system gets a boost from l-arginine and the nitric oxide it releases. Certain bacterias and parasites are killed by cells in the body by releasing nitric oxide.

Taking l-arginine boosts nitric oxide production and effectively helps to raise immune levels of cells in the body, making sure you stay fighting fit.

9. Supports Hormones

Hormone growth is an important aspect of health. When hormone growth slows down, muscle growth also slows down and skin becomes more fragile and thin.

This is the reason as people age, their muscle mass decreases and wrinkles become more prominent. However, l-arginine releases growth hormones and allows for better maintenance of skin and muscles.

Greater amount of hormones released also positively affects the amount of healing and recovery your body takes to heal and recover from injury and serious workouts. Supporting your hormones is key and is one of the important reasons to take l-arginine.

10. Healthier Arteries

One of the most important reasons to take l-arginine–healthier arteries. As previously mentioned, l-arginine helps reduce plaque that can build up on the arterial walls and lead to high blood pressure.

Healthier, cleaner arteries will promote smoother blood flow and better oxygenation of muscles and vital organs. Your body will operate at a more optimum level and you will reduce risk of heart disease, heart attack, or stroke.

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