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Sleep and Blood Pressure – How Losing Sleep Hurts Your Blood Pressure

If you’re struggling with high blood pressure, you’re probably aware it’s important to eat a healthy diet and get regular exercise. But did you know your sleep plays a role in contributing to high

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10 Ways To Reduce Your Risk Of Heart Disease TODAY

World Heart Day comes every September, and we’re always here to support what we can to help people take better care of their heart. In this short post we want to show you ways to reduce your risk of

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The Benefits Of Walking: Just A Stroll To Better Health

We all know the benefits of walking outweigh the benefits of sitting in traffic on our way to work. However, these days, time constraints and technology make it even more difficult to get out and get

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Stress And Health

Stress can be both a positive force and negative force, but either way it affects our health, especially chronic stress we fail to deal with in a constructive way. There’s a really crucial mindset we’re

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Natural Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

As dangerous as high blood pressure is for your health, more than a third of those with high blood pressure don’t realize they have a problem. The first step to lowering your blood pressure is realizing

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