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7 Reasons A Heart Healthy Diet Plan Is Awesome

A heart healthy diet plan doesn’t require extreme measures, expensive ingredients or fancy gadgets. In fact, you’ll find a heart healthy diet plan is actually less expensive than a fancy juice cleanse,

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Cholesterol Lowering Foods – 9 Foods GUARANTEED to Help Lower Your Cholesterol

Keeping your cholesterol in check is one vital way to keep your heart as healthy as possible and we wanted to share what foods can help. RELATED: Read How to Lower Cholesterol Naturally | 8 Bizarre Things

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Heart Healthy Diet – What Does it Really Mean?

There is more talk about eating a heart healthy diet than ever before. But what does it really mean and how can eating a heart healthy diet really help improve the health of your heart? Keep reading and

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Red Wine Extract

On the supplement facts of L-arginine Plus™, towards the bottom you will see the label ‘Red Wine Extract’. Now why do we put this in there? We have all heard the saying that red wine is good for

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