Fighting high blood pressure seems like a never-ending battle.

Without taking the right steps, it can also be dangerous. More and more folks are beginning to realize l-arginine can offer significant help with it comes to the fight against high blood pressure.

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Keep reading to learn more about what l-arginine can do for your blood pressure.

What is L-arginine?

L-arginine is a type of amino acid the body makes and can also be consumed from certain foods like red meat, poultry, grains, nuts, and dairy products. It’s an important amino acid because of the way the body utilizes it.

One of the most important benefits of L-arginine is its ability to improve blood flow and circulation because it is converted into nitric oxide, which causes bloods vessels to open wider. L-arginine is available to take as a nutritional supplement and is used by many high performance athletes as well as those who have hypertension (high blood pressure).

How does L-arginine help lower blood pressure?

To understand the role of L-arginine when it comes to high blood pressure, it helps to know how nitric oxide (NO) works.

Nitric oxide is a type of natural gas that acts as a vasodilator (blood vessel relaxant) controlling blood flow to body tissues by regulating the binding and release of oxygen to hemoglobin. NO is created using L-arginine and is a type of by-product that forms from different chemical reactions. Nitric oxide improves circulation and keeps the blood pressure level within a normal range by signaling blood vessel muscles to relax, expand and let blood through, while also preventing clots and plaque from forming. Increased NO in the body will lower blood pressure.

How can taking L-arginine supplements benefit me?

Multiple research studies have shown that L-arginine is beneficial for people with high risk factors for heart disease or those suffering with high blood pressure because it improves not just the health of blood vessels, but also the entire cardiovascular system. In addition to lowering blood pressure, L-arginine can improve blood flow for those who have clogged arteries (coronary artery disease), improve stamina, lower high cholesterol, relieve congestive heart failure and reduce symptoms associated with cut-off blood flow called claudication. It’s also used for treating angina pectoris or chest pains.

So if you are trying to lower your blood pressure and/or have a family history of heart disease, you would definitely benefit from adding L-arginine to your daily supplement regimen.

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