How to change your eating habits

Group of happy friends eating and drinking beers at barbecue dinner

Changing our eating habits is hard. Once we’ve become used to our diet routine, we tend to stick with it – even if it’s unhealthy for us. “Over time, habits become automatic, learned behaviors, and these are stronger than new habits you are trying to incorporate into your life,” says John Foreyt, Ph.D., director of […]

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Intense Blood Pressure Treatment Can Prevent Memory Decline

Human brain

Are you worried about memory decline? There may be something you can do to help prevent it: lower your blood pressure.   In recent years, research has focused on the link between blood pressure and cognitive decline. These include memory loss, mild cognitive impairment (MCI), dementia, and Alzheimer’s Disease. Unfortunately, there is no standard treatment […]

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Aspirin for Heart Health, Should You Take It?

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For many years, has been used for headaches and minor pains. However, some people also use it to prevent cardiovascular events such as heart attacks and strokes. According to new studies, however, the effectiveness of aspirin against cardiovascular disease may not be as great as we once thought. The American Heart Association and American College […]

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Can a blood test predict cardiovascular disease?

Close up of elderly man having a heart attack

Dr. Christie Ballantyne believes that “if the first time you find out that you’re at risk for heart failure is when you actually start getting short of breath and you end up in the hospital, you probably have advanced heart disease already, and it is going to be harder to treat than if that person […]

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How Nitric Oxide Works

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What is nitric oxide? We get that question a lot as people try to understand its role in heart health. There is more information about nitric oxide than ever before, but it’s tough to know what is what. We just wanted to share a little more about how nitric oxide works for your health. Essentially, […]

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Statins Fail to Help People Reach Their Cholesterol Goals

Heart from colorful medication and pills above on grey wooden background.

According to a new study, statins prescribed for cholesterol are not working half the time: 50% of all people taking the heart disease drugs are left just short of reaching their cholesterol goals within two years. Statins are drugs prescribed by doctors to help lower cholesterol levels and for the prevention of heart disease. By […]

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Benefits of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

There’s simply no overstating the benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3s have so many powerful health benefits that impact so many aspects of our health. There are only a handful of nutrients that have been extensively studied the way Omega-3 fatty acids have and the benefits hold up time and time again. So what are […]

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How Taking the Stairs Can Help Your Heart

Taking the stairs

A recent study has challenged previous studies which showed that short bouts of vigorous exercise, otherwise known as, sprint interval training (SIT) are effective when performed as a single session requiring a total time commitment of approximately 10 minutes. Recommended: Learn More About How L-arginine Plus® Can Support Heart Health This study had a group […]

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New Guidelines for Healthy Cholesterol

Exposure to high blood cholesterol over a lifetime can increase the risk for heart attack or stroke. New scientific guidelines are showing that high cholesterol should be a concern for all ages. Last November, new guidelines regarding high cholesterol were published in the health journal Circulation. These guidelines were the result of 24 science and […]

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New Study Links Oral Hygiene to Heart Health

Cardiologists and periodontists, the dentists who treat gum disease, have long debated if there is a link between oral health and heart disease. It’s true that people with poor oral health have more heart attacks. However, people with poor oral health may not have other good health habits such as eating a healthy diet, exercising […]

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